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Celebration & Party Cakes Sizes and Servings

The following is a guide to how many servings each cake size will provide: -

Shape Size Servings (Approx)
Square 6 inches 8
Square 8 inches 12
Square 10 inches 20
Square 12 inches 25
Square 14 inches 36
Square 16 inches 46
Square 18 inches 60
Round 6 inches 6
Round 8 inches 10
Round 10 inches 16
Round 12 inches 20
Round 14 inches 30
Round 16 inches 40
Round 18 inches 55
Our Largest Cake 18 x 30 inches 100+

Celebration & Party Cakes Fillings

Our celebration cakes are available in rich fruit cake or sponge (Various flavours and fillings).

Our standard fillings are as follows: -

Fruit Cake
Our moist, rich fruitcake has been allowed to mature to perfection. Packed full of cherries, sultanas, currants, almond & lemon and orange peel and then soaked well in brandy to ensure it's tasty flavour. It is then beautifully finished with marzipan and rolled sugar icing.

Vanilla Genoese Sponge
Our freshly made Genoese sponge ensures a superbly light & soft texture, Filled with quality buttercream & raspberry jam.

Chocolate Genoese Sponge
We make our chocolate genoese with real Belgian chocolate to ensure a rich chocolate flavour, it is a moist cake with a light texture & filled with chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Our wickedly delicious chocolate fudge cake is packed full of creamy chocolate fudge goodness. Perfect for chocoholics everywhere.

Carrot Cake (contains walnut)
Light, moist & enticingly delicious... Our carrot cake is classic & sweet with a touch of cinnamon & walnuts. It is topped with thick & creamy buttercream.

Fresh Cream & Fruit
We make our fresh fruit gateaux using our genoese sponge to give a light texture which is then filled with fresh cream & fruit filling, this is topped with more fresh cream & a selection of seasonal fruits. The sides are finished with either toasted almonds or chocolate vermicelli.  Please state your preference when ordering. Black Forest Gateaux made with chocolate Genoese & black cherries is also available.

Should you require a custom filling please feel free to discuss this with us and we will do our best to meet your wishes..

Food Allergies & Special Diets
We are aware that some people like to avoid certain products in their diet, or have an allergy to certain foods. Please talk to us if you need full details of all cake ingredients & allergens. Where possible we will try to accommodate changes for particular diets.

Storage Information

  • All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface.

  • Only fresh cream cakes are to be refrigerated. However, sponge cakes should be refrigerated once cut. Please note: Refridgeration can cause the icing to take on a 'wet' look, so is advisable only after cutting.

  • Sponge, Chocolate & Carrot cake will keep for up to one week after collection.

  • Fruitcake lasts perfectly well once cut for a month. If storing a fruitcake to keep - wrap well in foil and place in an airtight container.

  • Most of our cakes can be frozen - please ask for guidelines.

  • Our sponge & chocolate sponge does not contain nuts, but may contain nut traces. Our fruitcake & carrot cake contain nuts.

  • Our cakes contain dairy products & are made with vegetable fats. (Suitable for vegetarians)
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